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( A centre for Nurse, Ayah & Domestic Help )

Frequently Asked Questions  

1. Do you want help at home?

Yes we provide help for your old parents or any patient at home. From Japawallies, to a baby sitter or even a child-minder is available. So if you are looking for an ayah or domestic help or a new born baby assistant we have them all.

2. How can you apply for a helping hand?
  • Read our contract form and download the form.
  • Decide if you need a NORMAL booking or an EMERGENCY booking.
  • Fill up the form.
  • Choose and tick the category of work you need.
  • If there are any specific instructions you want to give mention on the form.
    (like you need a HINDI speaking maid)
  • Along with the contract form send us a draft or cheque of One month's salary of the chosen worker category- for registration.
  • You can send the form to our local office or to our head office in KOLKATA SALT LAKE.
3. Process for Registration
There are three types of registration:
  • One month salary is our registration fee,(NANNY,CHILD MINDER,BABY SITTER,COOK CUM DOMESTIC,CLEANER,PATIENT ATTENDANT,OLD AGE HELP) category chosen by the clients (time taken from registration is 30 days to 45 days)

  • For Japa Registration for 90 days to 180 days is 12,000/- (time taken from registration is 30 days to 45 days)

  • For Nurses registration fee it will be 18,000/- (time taken from registration is 30days to 45days)

An additional charge of IGST (GSTIN - 19AEUPC5381G1Z4) which is 18% will be collected on the registration amount and commission.

4. How long do I have to wait for a maid to start work at my place?
For a normal booking CARE may take 30 days to 45 days.
For an EMERGENCY booking CARE will try to send someone within 20 days.
5. What happens if the maid sent does not suit you or she is not comfortable working for you?
You will be given 2 replacements.
6. How long will our contract with you last for?
It will last for one full year.
7. What type of supporting documents do the workers provide?
Xerox of Ration card and Voter ID card along with passport size photo along with the local Panchayats letter.
8. What happens if the maid falls sick.
Inform our local office immediately.
9. In case of theft or if the maid runs away without informing the client then what do we do?
Inform the local office and take directions immediately.

10. f the client feels that the maid is not capable of handling the job given to her what does the client do?

The client is given a seven day period to try out the new maid, however if she is not able to do the work properly she is to be returned to our office immediately. Keeping her for a month and then complaining and reducing her wages will not be entertained.
11. After one year I feel I need the service of care.
Yes you will be provided with our service for which you will have to register once again for one more year of service from CARE. This process will continue in this manner.

12. If care is not able to provide me with the maid of my choice will I get a refund of my money which i have paid for registration.

Under no circumstance will CARE refund or adjust the registration fee that has been paid. However if CARE is unable to provide you with the Emergency maid within a month the owner of CARE might consider returning the service charges.

13. Other than Salary what else do we provide the maid with.

She should be given food three times a day (breakfast/ lunch/dinner). Toiletries like soap oil and toothpaste.

14. After enrolment we feel we do not need the services of CARE do we get a refund of the registration fee?

No the Fee is non adjustable and nonrefundable.



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